parking sensors Fareham
Reversing Cameras & Parking Sensors Fareham
Professionally Fitted at Home or Work
parking sensors Fareham
Parking Sensors Fareham - Professionally Fitted at Your Home or Work - Mobile Installation for Fareham and Surrounding Areas

Reversing Cameras and Parking Sensors Fareham - Professionally Fitted at Your Home or Workplace

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Dash Cams, Cruise Control & Vehicle Tracking Equipment Fareham

Mobile Supply & Fit of Dash Cams, Cruise Control & Vehicle Tracking Equipment Fareham

Dash Cams

A dash cam, dashboard camera, car DVR, or car black box is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle's windscreen. Dashcams may provide video evidence in the event of a road accident. Improve your safety and security whilst in your vehicle - just contact Bob or James to get your dash cam fitted in Fareham.

dash cams fareham hampshire

Dashcam A

  • Wi-Fi App To Your Phone
  • 32Gb Memory Card
  • Fully Automatic
  • £145 Hard Wired

dash cams Fareham

Dashcam B

The GHDVR95W.EU brings together two cameras for front and rear recording, along with a GPS antenna, high spec 16GB micro SD card and secure adhesive mounts for both cameras, providing everything you need for exceptional protection.

  • £245 Hard Wired Fitted
With its Wi-Fi functionality, it also allows the connection to the dedicated Gator dash cam app via smartphone or tablet. The GPS antenna records the precise location of the dash cam while recording so on playback you can easily view the location of the dash cam via the Gator app while the recording is streaming.

Offering all-round protection and the latest in dash cam technology, the GHDVR95W.EU is the ultimate driving companion.

Note: includes a 16GB micro SD (supports up to 64GB).

Features & Benefits

  • Full 1080p high definition video recording at 30 fps for clear crisp recordings 145 Degree dash cam and 120 Degree rear wide angle lens.
  • Wide Dynamic Range video enhancement technology has better exposure range making videos look clearer.
  • WiFi Connectivity enables wireless smartphone connection via the Gator Dash Cam App for video downloads and camera setting adjustments.
  • Hand gesture control enables images to be taken and videos to be saved by simply waving your hand under the dash cam.

  • Included GPS antenna provides additional information by embedding speed and location data into the recordings.
  • Built in G Sensor detects an impact and securely saves the video footage on the SD Card separate from the continuous loop files.
  • Seamless cycle loop recording function continuously records in an indefinite loop without stopping, constantly overwriting the oldest file with the newest video.
  • Dual USB charger simply connects to the vehicles accessory socket.

dash cams fareham hampshire

Dashcam C

  • 32Gb Memory Card
  • Fully Automatic
  • £75 Hard Wired

Vehicle Safety & Security
Contact Reverse Park for Dash Cams, Vehicle Tracking Equipment & Cruise Control

parking sensors Fareham

Get in Touch

If you are in or near Fareham in Hampshire and have questions about our parking sensors or parking cameras please feel free to contact us. If you would like us to book a fitting for your new parking sensor or camera, at home or at your woplease get in touch.

parking sensors Fareham

parking sensors Fareham

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