parking sensors Fareham
Reversing Cameras & Parking Sensors Fareham
Professionally Fitted at Home or Work
parking sensors Fareham
Parking Sensors Fareham - Professionally Fitted at Your Home or Work - Mobile Installation for Fareham and Surrounding Areas

Reversing Cameras and Parking Sensors Fareham
Professionally Fitted at Your Home or Workplace

parking sensors Fareham

Mobile Supply and Fit of Parking Sensors

The Best Parking Sensors

We only supply the highest quality parking sensors available and, since fitting our first set in 2000, we have experience of fitting all brands of parking sensor.

All of our suppliers have an incredible commitment to their customers with an extensive product knowledge and first class support. Between them they have unrivalled quality parking sensors, which means we supply the widest range of parking systems with the best designs.

If you are in Fareham or surrounding ares of Hampshire we can meet your precise requirements, unlike many of our competitors who have a 'one fits all' attitude.

parking sensors hampshire

We Keep it Simple with Quality products & Quality Service
Mobile Fitting at Your Home or Place of Work in Fareham & surrounding Areas in Hampshire
With No Nonsense Pricing and a Guarantee for as Long as You Own the Vehicle

Front Parking Sensors and/or Rear Parking Sensors Fareham

We supply and fit to your requirements, whether you need just front sensors, front and rear sensors or rear parking sensors alone. Rear parking sensors help to make parking in reverse so much easier as many modern cars have large corner pillars and small rear windows. Front parking sensors are superb for cars with long or sloping bonnets.

Discreet Fitting, High Quality & a Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in our the parking systems we supply that we extend the manufacturer's 5 year warranty to our own Lifetime Warranty. The parking sensors we supply and fit work seamlessly with the electrics of modern vehicles and avoid interfering with your vehicle's computer systems. Neither do they affect the vehicle manufacturer warranty. We fit parking sensors to new vehicles for many main dealerships and we guarantee that, should any dealer justifiably refuse a warranty repair because of our work, we will pay the bill.

We only fit ultrasonic parking sensors because, having tested many different types, we have no faith at all in magnetic sensors. We have to ensure that the parking sensors we fit can be guaranteed for a long time! We only use equipment that we has been tried and tested by us on our own vehicles and we ensure that we have first class back up from our suppliers (our parking sensors are from UK and European suppliers only).

We do not need to remove body panels for Cobra, Meta, Steelmate, Cko and Cisbo Pro parking sensors as they are fitted from outside the bumper, removing the need to remove body panels, avoiding cracking mouldings and paint during the fitting. We are also happy to give a quote for any other brands of parking sensor.

parking sensors hampshire

We Do It Properly

We do it properly, No crimp joints. We solder everything. All cable joints are soldered. No unreliable plastic joiners are ever used.

parking sensors hampshire

Quality Switches

We use quality switches. Our switches are small and unobtrusive. Therefore they won't spoil the appearance of your dashboard.

parking sensors hampshire

No Untidy Wiring

No untidy wiring or cables - we make original type looms and we cable wrap all cables so they look similar to your vehicle's wiring loom.

parking sensors hampshire

Waterproof Boxes

Nothing is left to chance and safety is paramount. We use waterproof boxes and do the job properly from start to finish.

parking sensors fareham
parking sensors fareham

High Quality Sensors & Cameras
with Old Fashioned Service

We usually fit our own brand parking sensors and guarantee them against failure for as long as you own the vehicle, all we ask is that you do not allow anyone to alter the system in any way without our knowledge, the system is robust as long as it is left as we fitted it.

Our guarantee covers the complete system including the colour coding.

Reverse Park can supply any other brand of parking sensors, but you will be covered by their warranty. Typically 12 months

All the prices quoted on this web site are for our "own brand" sensors.

We do not fit "oe" type flush sensors.

Our "own brand" parking sensors are fitted by drilling an 18.3mm hole in the bumper and inserting the sensor head,

We always paint the sensor heads the same colour as the car for a perfect match.

Identifying Motorhome Types

The body shape of the basic panel van remains largely unchanged

reversing cameras fareham hampshire

Converters construct a caravan body onto a cab and chassis: this is a coachbuilt.

reversing cameras fareham hampshire

'A' Class motorhomes are designed and constructed from the chassis upwards. The cab area extends across the vehicle's full width.

reversing cameras fareham hampshire

Our Customer Reviews

We believe in offering great customer service, the old fashioned kind. Have a look at what our customers say about us below.

"Booked on thursday... really nice man knows his stuff and a decent price. Well happy with the service. Do not hesitate to use this business."

Robert Chalmers Lymington

"Just a note to say that my wife remains delighted with the parking sensors - a job well done. Kind regards"

Alex MacLeod

"I was getting really fed up of being told that parking sensors could not be fitted to my Renault Cabriolet. Then I spoke to this company - they came to my home and had a look at the problem. I had been told that parking sensors could not be fitted because of the angle of the rear bumper and the fact that there was a cross member behind the bumper. This company showed me photos of other Megane Cabriolets that they had fitted to, so I gave him the goahead to do the job. I am a fussy old so and so and asked if I could watch. They said that I could if I supplied coffee and biscuits! We duly agreed this was a deal!! They duly arrived a few days later... drank some coffee and started work. They showed me how they would be drilling the rear bumper and the aluminium cros smember that was behind it. (I do not understand why other companies cannot think out of the box too!). They then took off the top part of the bumper and neatly and invisibly routed all the cables into the car. They connected their cables for the sensor brain to the reverse lamp system. It was explained to me that they always solder all the cable joints so that the cables can never become loose. The towbar connections had been previously been joined using plastic connections and they kindly soldered these cables for me (this cost me extra coffee). They used angle adaptors on the sensors to compensate for the bumper angle and the sensors work perfectly. I have asked them to return in a months time to fit sensors to the front too. The cost for the rear sensors was £145.00 - this included painting the exact same colour as my car too. I am so pleased with the job I have recommended this company to all my friends - coffee sales in Southampton have gone up too!!!!"


"I would like to say a big thanks for an excellent job done on my C4 Picasso on Monday 15th December 2014. I was not present at the installation but everything was explained to my wife and post it notes were left for me. I'm very pleased with the product and the service received."

John Spencer Portsmouth

"Wow what great service. I called last Saturday and had the reverse parking sensors fitted to my Audi TT yesterday. Looks great and would recommend anytime. Thank you for your brilliant service."

Marc Oakes

"Magic - have just had installed reversing sensors on my 'high backed' Renault Megane Cabriolet. I am more than impressed with your professional work ethics and shall be using his services again by asking him to install a 'hard wired' forward facing dash cam. Thank you!."

Shelby L.

"I was having trouble parking my car because I have a neck injury that makes turning my head to reverse extremely painful. 4 sensors were fitted to the front of my car along with 4 at the rear and a camera that he discreetly fitted into my rear bumper. He set the system up so that all I have to do is put my car into reverse gear and the whole system turns on automatically! Now I am able to park in absolute confidence and pain free. I have recommended this company to some of my friends who have also been helped. I cannot recommend this man too highly."

"Highly recommend - very pleased to find a local company offering a great service. Prompt and efficient communication to set up the booking. The work was carried out in a professional and friendly manner. The lifetime guarantee is also a great bonus. Fantastic service. Highly recommended."

"Excellent service - parking sensors were fitted to my Kia Sedona. he paid particular attention to my needs and made sure that what he fitted met my requirements. he put sensors at the front and rear. They make parking so much easier. He also fixed my squeaky brakes at less than half the cost that I was quoted locally."

krissie - southampton

"Highly recommend - rear parking sensors on my Ford Focus. I was extremely happy with the work that was carried out. And the service is very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend his services to anyone. Thank you."

"AWESOME - rear parking sensors were fitted to my wife's Renault Clio at my home. While he was there I asked his advice about the sensors on my Ford not working properly. He promptly repaired them for me AND did not even charge me for it! We are very pleased with the sensors he fitted to the Clio and highly recommend this company"

"A set of front and rear sensors were fitted at my home and it turned out that my husband's hearing aid meant that he could not distinguish the warning beeper from backgound noise!. 3 hours was spent experimenting with different beepers until eventually he combined 2 together so my husband could hear them, and we were not charged a single penny extra. I cannot recommend this company highly enough, the service is exemplary and very courteous."

"I booked from over 300 miles away to fit my 86 year old Dad's reverse parking sensors. Nothing was too much trouble, he ensured that my Dad knew how they operated and impressed him (which believe me is difficult!) with a common sense approach and professionalism. Clearly a man of his word. I can not rate this man highly enough."

"My rear brake discs and pads were replaced. He also replaced a rear brake caliper when it was found to be faulty. I cannot rate him highly enough. He has been flexible at short notice, done a good job and all for a very reasonable price. I really appreciated that he was friendly, kept me informed at all times and stuck with things when it became obvious that the rear brake caliper also needed to be replaced. I will definitely recommend to friends and family."

"What a helpful chap, really pleasant, dealt with same person, answered all my questions, very professional service. Don't know how I managed without parking sensors - would highly recommend. Many thanks indeed"


"Very prompt in replying to my initial query and gave good advice on options for sensors/camera and monitor. On the day he arrived promptly, continued to give good advice on which camera was best and sensor positioning. The install was completed in just a couple of hours, and a very tidy job done. Almost no cable is visible, all car trim has been properly put back and the sensors are colour-coded perfectly to the car. All in, an excellent job well done from an expert who obviously knows what he’s doing!"

Christopher Sparkhall

"I'm really pleased with my new rear parking sensors. The whole process of having them fitted from start to finish was easy with great communication. Thanks"

Lou Mason - Sent from my iPhone!

"I have just bought a newish Vauxhall Corsa SRi and I really missed having reverse beepers on my car so I found this company fairly quickly and they were local to me. After a quick email for a quote, they called and confirmed the price and we agreed on an installation date. Everything went to plan and they did an excellent job. Highly recommended for a great service if you ever need anything to do with beepers, cameras etc. Many thanks!"

Bernie Clarke-Lens, Hill Head, Hampshire

"Thanks for doing a great job today. Sensors work like a dream. £265 transferred. It should be there now. I'll recommend you to others need any work doing!! Best wishes"


I recently had reversing sensors fitted to my Mazda MX5 by this company at my home in Salisbury and would like to share my experience with you. I contacted this parking sensor company by phone to discuss cost and possible fitting dates. They confirmed the cost which I had already calculated from the company’s online brochure and we agreed a convenient time and date. He arrived bang on time and set to work whilst I sorted out the coffee and biscuits! The sensors were sprayed to match exactly the colour of the rear bumper and allowed to dry whilst the holes were drilled and the wiring put in place. The final connections were made and it was job done – no mess, perfectly matched sensors and fully operational in a short time. I would thoroughly recommend both the costs and workmanship provided and on a scale of 1-10 the score is 10 on all counts.

John Gill

parking sensors Fareham

Get in Touch

If you are in or near Fareham in Hampshire and have questions about our parking sensors or parking cameras please feel free to contact us. If you would like us to book a fitting for your new parking sensor or camera, at home or at your woplease get in touch.

parking sensors Fareham

parking sensors Fareham

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